Sunday, 28 February 2016

Measurement out and about our school

We enjoyed getting out and around our lovely school grounds to find many items to measure with our metre sticks. We had to use some great teamwork skills to measure large items. 


We are teaming up with Room 6 every day for fitness. Great fun and learning many skills at a variety of stations. 

Monday, 15 February 2016

Our foot is how big?

As a part of our measurement unit we worked in pairs to find out how long our foot was and then measured the length using cubes and then rulers. We then compared our foot length to Ian Thorpe's at 39cm! Wow, no wonder he is an Olympic Champion!

Saving Wally!

One of our very first tasks for the year was a collaborative one where Wally the Worm had tipped over his boat (cup) and his life jacket (gummy ring) and oars (2 paper clips) where still on top of his boat. The children enjoyed using only the oars to flip the cup back over and get Wally (gummy worm) into his life jacket and back on top of his boat. They found it quite challenging until someone figured out that they could bend the oars to make a poker and use it to prod the jacket on to Wally. Once we shared that bit of knowledge, the rest of the class were off and all the Wallies were saved! Great teamwork Room 7!