Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Our trip to the Taniwha Daffodil Farm

What a beautiful day we had down to the daffodil farm! It was well worth the long bus trip to get there as we were able to roam acres of dazzling daffodils. After we picked our bunches and had them wrapped up and ready to take home, we ate lunch and had a last run through the flowers (well around them, not through them). All in all it was a magic day for parents and children alike! Spring has definitely sprung for HNP students!

Here are just a few photos from the day:


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Room 9 Basketball lessons

Here are a few snap shots of our last lesson with Hawkes Bay Basketball! Our next time with them will be during our Junior Team tournament to show off our new skills!

Science day with Room 11

We decided that the best way to fill a Friday after a wet week was with some science! I first asked the kids what they thought would happen when you mix water with oil. And of course they thought that it would - EXPLODE! I'm guessing that all kids think that science = explosions. Unfortunately I couldn't make anything explode this time but we were in for making some lava lamp cups. We started with some red dyed water then added some oil (to much dismay, it didn't explode). We talked about where the oil went when added to the water. Next the students added salt. This sunk to the bottom but after a few moments, it blobbed back up to the top like lava! The descriptive language being thrown around the room will make for some amazing story writing on Monday!

How many students can you squash in a Ford Escort?

Our school won a chance to enter the contest to get the All Blacks to visit our school. In order to enter we had to see how many students we could fit into a Ford Escort...and the answer - 45!! We didn't break the record (or any children) but we had heaps of fun and a very memorable way to learn about capacity! 

Butterflies in maths and art!

Our EIT student Kath has done a huge unit on butterflies, from metamorphosis to symmetry and shading to blend colours for butterfly art. Here is a look at how much we have covered!