Thursday, 10 April 2014

Stepping out...safely

The weather cleared just long enough to have our first Stepping Out lesson where we learned some valuable skills to keep us safe when we need to cross a road.

Steps to staying safe when crossing the road:

1. When walking along the road we need to walk along the grass side of the footpath so that we are not next to the road.

2. If we need to cross the road, step up to the kerb and take a small step back. This will keep us safe if we are accidentally bumped from behind as we will not be knocked into the road.

3. Then we take long slow looks left and right and listen for oncoming vehicles.

4. When it is safe, we cross quickly but not running and in a straight line, looking both ways as we go. We also need to step up on the other kerb carefully so that we don't trip.

5. If we need to cross between parked cars, we first look in the car to see if their is anyone inside who is about to drive away. If not, we step out carefully between the two cars to stand by the lights on the road side so that we can get a clear look up and down the road. Cross when it is safe, quickly and in a straight line.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Treasure hunt mind map

Here is what happens when children have a topic that they are engaged to write about! As a class we created a mind map of what we would hear, see, feel and wonder at each stop along the way as we wrote about an adventure through our treasure map. The stories were fantastic and full of descriptive imagination!

Treasure map doubles

What's an engaging way to work on doubles? Make a treasure map and find out the distance from one point to another and back again! Here the students used beans to measure the distance and double it.

Collaborative Maths

One of our whole class activities has been to work collaboratively to show our knowledge in different areas of maths. On large sheets of paper the students discussed and wrote down what they knew about the symbols + and - along with two opened ended problems stated "The answer is 10" and "Positional Language". It was great to see what they understood and some areas to work on. The best part was the conversations around each table and the children motivated to show their thinking as it wasn't a typical worksheet activity.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Today's Ambulance Visit!

Today were lucky (even though it was April Fool's Day) to have a visit from the ambulance and the amazing ladies who work for St. John's. They demonstrated some equipment found in the ambulance and talked about what they often need to do when called out to an emergency. We reviewed what to do when calling 111 - and therefore very important to learn our addresses!