Tuesday, 26 November 2013

UV Detectors unite!

To kick off our science week we started with a bit of craft and made some bracelets...but not any ol bracelet - UV Detector bracelets! The white beads are special in that they change colour when exposed to UV light. So we explored different areas outside that exposed us to varying levels of UV light. We found that bright sun made the beads change colour real fast! In shade they did still change colour but slower and not as dark. Inside where we were out of the sun was the only 100% protection. We then experimented with Slip, Slop, Slap - which one was the most effective. Slipping on a shirt provides good protection, but even then we talked out some rules with this, such as good covering, no singlets and no see through shirts. Slopping on some sunscreen was a great UV barrier, but again we discussed smart sunscreen application and how often to reapply. Slapping in a hat did having varying results as it showed great protection right up under the hat and then less and less the further down we went. And yet again we had lengthy discussions about the size of hat, whether a hat with holes was very effective and how to wear it properly.

Last but definitely not least, today provided the perfect opportunity to test our UV detecting beads on a cloudy day. There is a belief that you do not need sunscreen on cloudy days.....but our UV detectors say Yes You Do! Our beads detected UV light even on a cloudy day which means you can still get sunburned!

So from today the kids are a bit more sun savvy and will willingly apply sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun's harmful rays! Well, in theory! 

Make sure to ask your children about what UV stands for and how it can harm you. You might be surprised!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Need to do a weight unit in class, but don't have enough scales...

Make your own!

A few weeks ago we needed to explore the language of weight and discuss whether objects were heavier than/lighter than others. However, there were not enough scales for everyone, so we made our own! This alone was a challenging task full of problem solving opportunities. We made the scales with cups, string, rulers and clips. The first challenge was how to work out the clip! After that, it was full steam ahead with scale making and measuring. The children loved it and enjoyed exploring the weight of different objects they could find around the room.