Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Omni Gym Day 1

Yesterday we had our first visit to the Omni Gym and the kids loved it! Here is a little video of the pictures I took on the day:

Thursday, 15 August 2013

More FM and Magpie players visit Room 3!

As a part of Riley winning the Arataki Honey competition, More FM came to visit our class on Monday and brought 2 Magpie players and Powerman! The kids were very surprised as I did not tell them what was happening (they assumed that we were still doing phonics after morning tea and were very confused with my strange actions - such as getting them to practice being quite on the mat). We were all treated with a biscuit, McDonald's voucher and a Unison puzzle. What a great day and well deserved for an awesome class!

Here is the link to the audio file from what was played on the radio:


And here is a link to their Facebook page to view all the wonderful photos from the day:


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Our very own Masterchef!

CONGRATULATIONS to Riley who won the Arataki Honey Cook Off on Saturday.

During the last school holidays Arataki Honey held a kids cooking Bee Challenge where kids of all ages were invited to submit a recipe of their favourite breakfast. Riley layered honey, muesli, yoghurt and sliced banana into a tall parfait glass and also made a delicious berry smoothie. Yum!
At the end of the challenge Riley was judged the winner of his age group, winning a years supply of honey and a fantastic goodie bag. Well done Riley!

We are so proud of you in Room 3 and were very excited to hear you special news! Well done Chef!