Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Catching up on catching!

Practicing our small ball skills with Grant Hastings. Catching a small ball is not as easy as it looks and an area we all need more practice in!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Skip counting in 2s with animal strips

We discovered today that skip counting does not always have to start at 2! We were able to show this on our number line with pairs of 2 animal strips and clear counters on the numbers we landed on when counting in 2.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Monday, 4 March 2013

Watch this space!

Dear Parents,

With all of the relevant paperwork ticked off I can now continue to post some wonderful photos of our learning journey in Room 3! Please check back often to see what we are up to and post some comments for the children to answer.

Week 5 Newsletter

Dear Parents,
Thank you so much to those who sent in photos or a description of their child’s activities from the weekend. Keep them coming! This sparked some enthusiastic discussion and a start of some descriptive stories. We will be continuing with these stories tomorrow with the opportunity to revisit was has been written so far and peer edit our work. Many students were eager to keep writing but we ran out of time so I think that it is important to keep this going while they are keen! We will also start to use our My Words Dictionary books soon to add frequently used words along with our word of the day.
The next exciting part of our day was finding out what “house” we all are in. The school houses – Duart, Campbell, Joll, and Chambers have been assigned to all the students in the school. This is so wonderful for the students with older siblings who have seen brother or sister dress up in their house colours and always wanted to participate. Now they can! Each student has written on a small piece of paper in the front of their Homework book to say what house they are in and what colour that house is. We will be decorating our class version of our houses this week to display in our room. If you are interested in a bit of history about our school houses, go to our website and click on the top blue button A-Z of HNP. Within that page is a link to School Houses. We will also visit this in class.
Please remember that our library day is Monday and that your child will need to have their library book from the previous week in order to check out a new one. We were so busy writing today that we missed our library time so those who forgot their books at home have an extra day this week to bring them in. We will go to the library tomorrow to receive our new books for the week.
The bookings for Parent Teacher interviews have now closed. If you need to cancel your booked appointment please let me know ahead of time.
Have a great week - Cassie

Week 4 Newsletter

Dear Parents,
Thank you so much to those who could make it to our Junior Meet the Teacher night! I hope you found it informative and also enjoyed meeting our Junior Team. It was great to share my teaching passion with you and my ideas for the Year 2 class.
I will be out of my classroom this Wednesday instead of Thursday this week as it is our Junior planning day for our next rich theme and classroom programmes.
Reading this week will start on Monday with both a library book and a reader to come home. Please mark this in your child’s homework book. If they cannot read their library book on their own, then please read it to them when they need help. Point at each word as you read it so they can associate the word with what is being read.
Some of the children may be interested in attending a JUNK to FUNK Fair, supported by David Trubridge on Saturday March 2nd, 10am-4pm.  It is an opportunity to watch artists, designers, tradespeople and makers re-working old discarded goods into beautiful objects.  I will give the children a flyer to take home outlining the day.
A reminder that Parent-Teacher Interviews can now be booked online. The purpose of these interviews is for parent and teacher to share information that may influence your child’s learning.   Room 3 interviews will be held on Mon 11th and Tue 12th March.  Interviews are 10 minutes long and can be booked by going to www.schoolinterviews.co.nz
The School Event Code is PSH2D
You just need to add your name and email address to book an interview time.  Bookings close at 3pm on Friday 1st March. 
Have a great week - Cassie

Hands on Maths!

Today we revisited skip counting in 5s by tracing our hand four times to equal 20. Making learning fun!

Meeting our new class

We played holiday bingo which allowed us to make new friends and learn what they did in the holidays. This was a great way to settle some nervous tummies.