Sunday, 17 February 2013

Week 3 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

I can’t believe we are headed into our third week already! We had such a great time last week that time just flew by. The students finished their portraits with Mrs. Whitfield and they look fantastic! Pop in and have a look if you can.
I will finish assessing the children as to where they are currently at in reading by the end of this week. Therefore the readers that they bring home this week will have been read in a shared situation or one that they read the previous year. They will start the week off with the library book that they will choose during our library time. On Tuesday and Wednesday they will bring home the same reader each night in order to gain solid fluency and comprehension. This Thursday they will have a poem in their Homework Book to share with you. Please be aware that it is normal for children to loose some reading skills over the holidays. They are making many adjustments and will be tired by the end of the day. It is important to make the reading sessions enjoyable. Rereading familiar texts builds up the children’s confidence. It is important to praise good reading strategies such as - chunking unknown words, and rereading for sense, fluency or meaning.

In the back of your child’s Homework Book are the highlighted spelling words which they are encouraged to learn. If the title of the list is highlighted, then they need to start working on that list. There is a sheet at the back of the book for them to practise 2-3 words a week. Learning these words will help build confidence with their story writing.
Please note that there has been a change in time for our Meet the Parents Night this Thursday. It is now 5:30-6:30. We will start in the hall then move to individual classrooms.

Please remember to send in signed Cybersafety forms so that we can begin to utilize our class computers. Students will not be able to use the computers or iPads until their form is signed and returned. Also I would really like to get our blog up and running with some of the great pictures that have been captured so far but will hold off until all consent forms are turned in. For now I will post our newsletters on them so that you are able to view them in another form.

A reminder that Parent-Teacher Interviews can now be booked online. The purpose of these interviews is for parent and teacher to share information that may influence your child’s learning.   Room 3 interviews will be held on Mon 11th and Tue 12th March.  Interviews are 10 minutes long and can be booked by going to
The School Event Code is PSH2D
You just need to add your name and email address to book an interview time.
Bookings close at 3pm on Friday 1st March.
Have a great week - Cassie

Week 2 Newsletter

Dear Parents,
We are off to a fabulous start to the 2013 school year! It was wonderful getting to know all of the children last week. They have settled in well, made new friends and enjoyed exploring the resources the room has to offer. This week we will begin to focus on our Key Competency “Managing Ourselves and our Learning”. We will explore this by further developing our classroom treaty.

Mrs. Whitfield had a fantastic day on Thursday with the children as they began to work on their self portraits with Styrofoam! I can’t wait to see them once they are finished!

Reading – this week will mostly be shared. Your child will bring home a book most days that has been read in class. As it is a shared book you may find it is above or below their reading
level. Please feel free to discuss the book or to read another book off your shelves at home
or from the library. Our library day is Monday, therefore your child start this week with a library book. Homework expectations are that your child will read every day. I know how busy
life can be and children are welcome to take the same book home over a few nights – don’t
feel you need to read it all in one go. However please do send the books in each day as we
will often work on them as part of our literacy activities.

Spelling – Last week I ‘tested’ spelling using the essential word lists. The words that your
child needs to work on will appear in the back of the homework book at the end of this week.
Although Homework books have not come home tonight they will be coming home at the end of this week. Please make sure they come to school in the book bag every day.

Maths – This week we are learning about statistics. This will be explore through making our own “What did we do in the holidays” chart. This week we will have a go at collecting our own data and making a class chart. We will also continue to consolidate our Number Knowledge and Strategies.

Thank you for sorting through the mass of notices I sent home last week. Please remember to send in signed Cybersafety forms so that we can begin to utilize our class computers. Also I will not post any pictures of the students on the class blog until I have all the forms in.

We will start to use our stationery this week as well. Many thanks for getting that purchased and named so promptly.

A few other items to note. I am lucky to have a drinking fountain in the classroom so the students do have access to drinking water at all times during the day. Therefore, I do not require to students to bring drink bottles to the classroom (and I think they love the novelty of the drinking fountain!). However, if you would like your child to have one, then that is ok too.

Brain food - I am quite a firm believer that brain food should be just that; food which feeds the brain. Therefore, I ask that you pack fruit, nuts or vegetables for this snack. Thank you.

You might want to consider putting your child’s room number on their jackets/hats as it tends to find it’s way back to it’s owner quicker than just a name. If you would like me to label their hat with their room number as the hats are now left in our class, please let me know and I am more than happy to do so.

Do drop by any time to see what we are up to in class. I can be hard to track down in the
mornings but am usually available after school for a quick chat, or on a Monday or Thursday (my non-meeting days) if you wish to make an appointment for a longer talk. Please email me, contact the office or send a note in your child’s book bag if you would like to arrange a time.
Cassie Mawley

Week 1 Newsletter

Dear Parents,
Welcome to Room 3 and the 2013 learning year.  Here’s hoping you and your family have had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday and are ready for the exciting challenges that lie ahead! 
There are always adjustments needed at the beginning of a new school year - be it getting back into morning organisation and routines at home, adjusting to a new class and teacher, different expectations of a new year-level or meeting and making new friends.  I believe it is especially important in the first few weeks to allay any fears or concerns children have and gradually increase the learning “momentum” so that children’s confidence is preserved and that everyone can get into the “groove” of being back at school again.
Here are some gentle reminders to ease you all back into the routine of school life:
The bell goes at 8.55.  Children settle better in the mornings if they are at school early enough to unpack themselves and have a little play.  They need to be seated, ready on the mat when the second bell rings at 9 o’clock. This is an important time for checking that all children are present and accounted for.  If your child is going to be absent please phone the school office in the morning to let us know.   The day finishes at 3 o’clock.  Please ensure that children know where to meet you.  If you are picking children up at the classroom we ask that you wait outside the classroom until they are dismissed as this keeps the child more focused on the end of day routine.
In the morning or after school you are very welcome to view and talk with your child about the work they have been doing.  It makes them feel important and their efforts valued.  
A class newsletter will be sent home each Monday outlining any special events and homework expectations that occur through the coming week.  The newsletter will be sent via email in addition to being posted on our class blog. The blog is also where we share our learning with you.  It can also be used to consolidate classroom learning, at home.
For this week and next, reading and readers will be whole class, shared stories.  These stories will not be independent readers for most children.   Please take time to read to them.  Listen to a small portion of the story if your child is able read it without too much difficulty.   Getting your child to tell you about the story, the characters or their favourite part may be a good idea.  Children will be focussed on getting back into school routine and it is important to make this a “happy” reading experience.

I would appreciate stationery being purchased as soon as possible so that we can start children working in books.  Purchasing through the school ensures that children have the correct stationery right from the start.  When the children receive their stationery it will be sent home with a separate notice explaining how they need to be labelled.  Covering books is optional. They will need a pencil case to help them be organised and independent.
Our Rich Theme is “Learning Excellence” and the Key Competency is “Managing Ourselves and our Learning”.  More about this later!
Year 1/2 teachers have a busy and exciting year planned and I’ll forward a Term 1 overview in the next couple of weeks.
I look forward to a long and happy association with you and your family.  Please feel free to speak to me about any concerns or successes you have had.  Please be aware that the mornings are a busy time for settling children and setting up for the day.  As I don’t have meetings on Monday and Thursday afternoons this is a good time to make an appointment.   You can also contact me through my email address which is-  
It is important at this time to make sure that I have your correct email address. I have already sent a welcome email out to the address that I have on file. If you did not receive it or would like to receive emails on a different address, please send this information in with your child.
I’m looking forward to working with you and your child this year. 
Please remember chair bags, book bags, school sunhat and brain food (fruit or veggies please) if you forgot today.
Cassie Mawley